The High Price of Delaying Automation

Companies across the globe are feeling the squeeze. The pressure to cut costs and increase margins is rising.

The choice is here: Either continue the way “it’s always been done” with fingers crossed that business will magically recover OR take charge and upgrade, update and reap the benefits NOW.

According to a recent article in Hart Energy, “Midstream players within the oil and gas industry will have to get onboard with the brewing digital revolution, especially when a jackpot of value is waiting to be realized by the sector.” ~ Mary Holcomb

With numerous immediate advantages, it’s a wonder that all companies aren’t urgently scrambling to automate.

But those that understand the powerful advantage that automation offers are the companies that will emerge ahead of the game.

Companies without automation will continue to struggle with:

Managed chaos. Trying to oversee each and every branch of the supply chain can feel like a delicate balancing act which can quickly turn tumultuous. If one part is affected, there’s a domino ffect that leads to lost time and money.

Paper-driven processes. Relying on people and paperwork to manage your supply chain can be a recipe for disaster. We’re only human and people sometimes forget to fill out paperwork, fill it out incorrectly or it gets lost/misplaced.

Questionable reporting. Waiting for paperwork and hoping the invoices and data provided are correct makes for some unreliable performance numbers. Add in the convoluted process of freight accruals and there’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to financial reporting.

Out-of-control demurrage. Every hour that trucks are sitting idle and waiting to unload costs money. Being unable to accurately forecast the need for loads makes it difficult to effectively schedule deliveries.

No cohesive visibility. Each department has varied access across the supply chain and is trying to gather required information from an antiquated system leading to mistakes and misunderstandings.

Impatient investors. Investors always want the most up-to-date information and they want it NOW. Relying on outmoded reporting techniques only adds to their frustration.

Excessive non-productive time. Within most industries, each hour of NPT can cost $20,000+. It only takes a few instances of NPT before it wreaks havoc on a company’s bottom line.

TAMS Live software is the automation solution that your company is demanding NOW.

At TAMS, we understand that you want an effective way to cut costs across all segments of the supply chain.

That’s why we’ve built so many technologically advanced features into our software. It’s always one step ahead of the game.

The highlights of this indispensable tool include:

24/7 real-time visibility across the entire supply chain gives you more control than ever and allows access to important data at your fingertips.

24-hour reconciliation means that the days of waiting weeks or months for paperwork in order to determine a job’s profitability are over. Reporting on costs and efficiency is smooth and accurate.

Demurrage can be managed easily and efficiently with a great reduction in the loss of time and money. Loads can be diverted or rescheduled without delay.

With a 360-degree view, the whole supply chain is visible on demand to every department and making quick adjustments to minimize a detrimental chain of events is easy and instant.

Increase your investors’ confidence by providing them with the most up-to-date information when they want it —> NOW. When you take the guesswork out of analyzing operations, you make investors smile.

NPT is basically a thing of the past because TAMS Live offers a unique opportunity to see and minimize any equipment and/or other supply-chain issues BEFORE they have a major impact on your bottom line.

Now, more than ever, automation could determine the future of your business.

Don’t be left behind. Step forward with TAMS Live software. You'll be glad you did.

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