iPhone & Android Apps

Sales Managers will be able to increase their sales with an easier, more efficient purchase order management system.

Job Coordinators can easily map out the order, inventory, and delivery schedules for seamless job completion.

Truck Drivers have detailed pick up and drop off instructions as well as complete order information in real time.

Web Portals

Dispatchers can quickly accept and allocate trucking orders while managing inventory and route details.

Storage Facility Admins have a 360 view of the warehouse and all the inventory for efficient accurate decision making.

3rd-Party Connectivity

Intuitive analytics APIs provide the ability to discover business insights in real-time to help you make better decisions.

TAMS can integrate with Quickbooks and accounting modules from SAP. Data can be exported/imported.

Equipment APIs for barcode, QR, and conveyor belt scanners makes the entire truck loading and unloading process more accurate.