Data Visibility

Real-Time analysis

Systems allow Category Managers/Supply Chain Managers/Finance Teams the ability to analyze operations and cost of goods while the job is active. This gives the teams the ability to make adjustments during the job and to maximize savings.

Sophisticated monitoring to save time and improve sales

The sales process can be tricky and complex but it doesn’t have to be. Spend less time doing tedious tasks and instead receive quick answers keeping you one step ahead of your customers. You can manage your sales pipeline from anywhere providing the best customer experience. Automated quotes and contract signing makes it easier than ever to complete a sale. The gap between sales and order fulfillment is no longer a problem because TAMS provides complete visibility and automation making it incredibly simple to manage clients and their orders with little effort.

Dynamic inventory management tools to improve operations and lower costs

Storage and fulfillment requires complete visibility for proper management. TAMS provides an efficient way to handle all inventory at every stage from ordering, storing, and omnichannel fulfillment and Increases accuracy of product placement, handling, and shipping through unique automated processes. TAMS eliminates the need for manual data entry in many features and enables barcode scanning, QR code scanning and the use of beacons along with mobile apps.