Inventory Management

Lower inventory costs with more efficient inbound and outbound product flows. Real-time tracking and data disbursement.

Allocation & Load Management

Effortless management of truck weight, load location, sand disbursement, and truck exit for quicker turnaround times.

Purchase order management

Faster purchase order processes with efficient technologies that can create and close orders and then assign POs to job coordinators.

Supply chain management

Optimized delivery options with complete visibility across all steps in the transportation process to minimize and eliminate idle truck times.


Increase customer satisfaction through faster delivery times, better flexibility with a complete 360 view.

Minimize NPT

Meticulous tracking, concise scheduling, and smart alerts of the entire transportation process minimizes Non Productive Time.

Manage Demurrage

Quickly analyze the time and cost associated with shipments, making it easier to adjust what you need to avoid increased fees delays.

Job Reconciliation within 24 hours

No more waiting for weeks or months to reconcile a job. Reconcile within a day with access to real-time data.

Who Benefits

Trucking Companies, Sand Suppliers, LMO’s, Finance Departments, Supply Chain Management Teams, and Job Coordinators.