How Automation Can Powerfully Streamline Your Business

When you hear a phrase like “maximize profits” or “decrease costs,” do your ears perk up?

Well, they should because today’s business climate is demanding streamlined operations.

The question: Where do you start?

The time-worn approach says you should take a hard look at every separate department/division across the supply chain, maybe ask the higher ups in each area for an outline of their opinion, hope it’s a good one and muddle your way through making a change here and there.More

How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Your Bottom Line

"Artificial intelligence” seems to be a buzzword that is thrown around a lot lately. So is it worth asking yourself what it is and how it could positively impact the supply chain of your business?


By its most basic definition, artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines. This is typically performed via data collection and analyzation.More

Making the Best Choice for Manpower in 2020

Now, more than ever, companies are having to make tough decisions in order to move forward profitably ~ especially when considering manpower.

Typically, they find themselves in one of two scenarios:

* The company that hasn’t had to reduce manpower…yet. However, they know that the current workforce will be difficult to sustain as time goes on. Month after month, they see that their costs related to labor are going up or, in some cases, remaining the same while they see their profitability going down. They know what makes sense moving forward but they don’t know how and/or where to scale down labor costs.More

A Solution To The Supply Chain Problem In The Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is paramount in the American economy. We need oil to run our cars, our airplanes, our trains and buses, and countless machines. Sure, many of the other daily necessities use glass, metal, and paper quite frequently, but over the decades’ American companies have shifted to using plastic, a material made of oil. Our entire economy, literally, runs on oil and gas, meaning that the operations within this industry must all be running smooth, right? Though this would theoretically make sense, it isn’t so.More

A Logistics Solution For Fracking

For decades, Americans have been obtaining oil and gas through drilling techniques implemented in places such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria. These drilling methods have worked for us since the creation of cars when oil deposits could be found in areas close to the surface of the Earth’s crust. However, as more cars and machines requiring oil were being manufactured, these oil deposits near the surface have become increasingly More

A Solution to the Truck Driving Shortage and Real-Time Reporting in the Oil and Gas Industry

We are living in a time where the demand for jobs requiring technical skills is rising and the demand for manual labor jobs is falling.

Many millennials and generation Z don’t see manual labor jobs as the most attractive offers, with technology companies dominating the market and offering appealing salaries.

Initially, this shift towards technology may seem great. And it really is! Even manual labor companies are shifting to integrate more technology into their businesses.More