Efficient Enterprise software solutions for Frac sand production

Our advanced technologies enable Frac Sand and Proppant producers run their business in a more efficient way by providing tools that streamline every part of the manufacturing process. TAMS revolutionizes tracking and distribution and provides real-time inventory visibility. The time wasted in between each step of operations, transportation, and inventory is now at zero. Our system increases efficiency at every stage which means our customers can plan and run their business knowing that they will receive sand as ordered, on time, always.

Sophisticated logistics software to exponentially increase efficiency

The TAMS software is the best in automated 3PL - Third-Party Logistics. Significantly improve productivity in every aspect of logistics. Understand and service the needs of your customers with predictive big data technologies. Order shipment and fulfilment can be done much faster with accuracy, deep point-to-point analytics and omnichannel processes. On-time deliveries start at the ordering stage. We’ve successfully digitized everything from ordering to delivering in a way that makes it easy for the warehouse management and transportation teams to work seamlessly together with no downtime.

Innovative Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry

Innovation that simplifies the oil and gas processes in a way that’s never been done before. With the use of intelligent cloud solutions and integrated business solutions, we make field logistics, production, maintenance and material management easier with higher efficiency and lower costs. Real-time visibility, complete flexibility and on-demand modules with customizable features provide complete control over business processes.