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About TAMS

TAMS provides a cloud-based complete 3PL solution for supply chain management teams to resolve material movement issues with tracking and reporting. This innovative platform is designed to tackle tough challenges faced in the oil and gas industry with reconciling jobs, minimizing NPT, managing demurrage (standby charges), and assisting finance departments with more accuracy in freight accruals.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be the leading provider of Intelligent supply chain software solutions which solves the most complex issues, achieves complete operational integrity and provide great value to our customers.

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For a limited time, activate your FREE trial of TAMS Live Software today!

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Our Solutions

Our solutions have made it possible to more accurately track every process in real time making it easier to predict and adjust for a truly optimized process which saves money and time.

Complete visibility of the entire supply chain process from managing the warehouse to delivering the product.

Strategic tools that provide accurate communication, sourcing, onboarding and analytics for optimal planning.

A sophisticated system to manage production, real-time analytics, compliance and quality management.

An environment that makes it easy to manage health and safety, performance, the life cycle and predictive capabilities.

Our Commitment

What issues we solve

Job Reconciliation

Linking of all vendors and logistics reporting into one hub. Allowing for quick approval and reconciliation within 24 hours.

Non-Productive Time

Precise scheduling and alerts provide complete transportation tracking minimizing non-productive time.

Manage Demurrage

Quickly analyze the time and cost associated with shipments, making it easier for you to make adjustments to avoid increased fees and shipment delays.

Real-Time Data

Coordinators on location can provide job statuses and updates in real time. Instant access to that information increases efficiency and accuracy.

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