A Solution to the Truck Driving Shortage and Real-Time Reporting in the Oil and Gas Industry

We are living in a time where the demand for jobs requiring technical skills is rising and the demand for manual labor jobs is falling.

Many millennials and generation Z don’t see manual labor jobs as the most attractive offers, with technology companies dominating the market and offering appealing salaries.

Initially, this shift towards technology may seem great. And it really is! Even manual labor companies are shifting to integrate more technology into their businesses.

However, these companies providing labor are still transitioning to become fully automated, leaving them with a problem. One of the industries affected most by this shift is the oil and gas industry. With the U.S. trucking market at 100% capacity, the lack of real time visibility and qualified truck drivers is proving to be a burden.

Yes, society views manual labor as a job that isn’t appealing due to the hours, type of work, and pay. But in the truck driving industry, these conditions have begun to change.

In 2013, the median salary of a truck driver working a typical entry-level position was $46,000. However, over the years, this number has almost doubled. In 2017, some private-fleet drivers earned up to $86,000 that year alone. In Texas, truckers are currently earning up to $100,000 a year for moving sand, and some jobs have been advertised at $250,000 a year.

Despite the pay, young people such as millennials and generation Z are staying away from truck driving jobs. Truck drivers have to manage being away from their families days at a time, and have a relatively lonely journey travelling from one place to the next. To these generations, the high pay still doesn’t make it appealing.

However, truck driving is proving to be essential in the oil and gas industry. These drivers are responsible for carrying sand from place to place, to the sites of the fracking locations.

The sand is used to make the oil and gas seep out of the ground, which eventually enters our cars, factories, and machines making it essential to keep the American economy functioning. Without truck drivers, there would be no way Americans could receive their oil to go grocery shopping, go to work, or do the activities that compose their everyday life.

In addition to the truck driver shortage, one of the biggest problems this industry faces is keeping track of the material movement and cost of transportation. In some companies, it can take months, or even a year to reconcile these – a painful process for those who have to look into the data months after the job was completed.

With the dire situation of the truck driver shortage and the need for real time reporting, alternatives have been made to alleviate the situation, but none on the market like TamsLive.

TamsLive is a technology company that provides a software allowing users to have complete visibility and real time reports of material movement and logistics cost. Their software provides the ultimate solution to the truck driver shortage and the lack of live reports that have increased non productive time and decreased efficiency over the last couple years in this industry.

This solution allows the drive time for each truck driver to shorten from five days to three days, and the complete visibility feature allows for tracking of materials and drivers, aiding the problem with the shortage of drivers by increasing the load on one truck instead of requiring multiple drivers.

No longer will companies have to wait months or years to reconcile any numbers. TamsLive software eliminates the problem of non-real time reporting and the cost of material movement and logistics, which have hurt companies by wasting time, money, and valuable resources.

TamsLive consists of people with technical skills creating and managing the software, and professionals with many years of experience working in the oil and gas industry.

Now, this part is the key. Many companies like to hire people with technical skills that have no knowledge of the industry who then try to manage every single variable which changes with the continuous, random fluctuations of the oil well production, timing, tracking, and recording of all movements made in the field.

This is where these companies without knowledge of the industry run into a problem, and this is where TamsLive provides the solution.

TamsLive is the only company in the industry that provides the solution to connect the supply chain, finance, operations side of industry so the fracking process can become more efficient, productive, and better for your business.

Interested in TamsLive software? Contact us for more information on how we can help your business succeed in this competitive, high demand industry.